Career Wins by Car Make
Car Wins
2nd Gen. Chevy Monte Carlo
Pontiac Grand Prix
Ford T-Bird (1982-1983) 3
3rd Gen. Chevy Monte Carlo
Chevy Lumina
4th Gen. Chevy Monte Carlo
5th Gen. Chevy Monte Carlo

Team Monte Carlo
Dale Earnhardt has raced behind the wheel of a Chevy in nearly every season of his NASCAR career. Through the many years of working together, a unique relationship of respect has grown between Earnhardt and Chevrolet.


- 2002 Monte Carlo SS Dale Earnhardt Signature Edition
This limited edition Monte Carlo, with a run of just 3,333 units, went into production in October 2001 and was to be made through March 2002.
2002 Monte Carlo SS Dale Earnhardt Signature Edition.
2000 NASCAR Monte Carlo Specs
Compare the Monte Carlo production car against the Monte Carlo race car. NASCAR-modified Monte Carlo.
- About the 2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
This page contains an accumulation of news and pictures about the fifth generation 2000 Monte Carlo. Visit.
Earnhardt's Career by Car Make
Earnhardt has driven a Chevrolet in almost every season of his illustrious career. Only three of Dale's 70+ career victories have come in a make other than a Chevrolet! Career with Chevy.
- Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet
Earnhardt owns a Chevrolet dealership, Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet, located in Dale's home-state of North Carolina. More.



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