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Fans tear up Earnhardt's turf
The Earnhardt Connection
Daytona Beach, Florida (February 15, 1998)

Dale engraves a "3" onto the infield grass after winning.

Never let it be said that NASCAR's fans don't have any initiative.

Right after the race ended, Earnhardt drove onto the infield grass along the front stretch and created the numeral "3" - his car number - by spinning a pair of half-doughnuts in his Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

Within minutes, fan decended on the area and began tearing up the doughnuts. Some even used their beer coolers to haul off the souvenir turf.

Earnhardt, sitting up in the press box high above the start-finish line as he conducted his post-race interview, looked down at the industrious fans and waved.

"That's pretty cool, huh?" he said.

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