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Shot fired at Earnhardt headquarters
The Earnhardt Connection

Moorseville, North Carolina (August 28, 1998)

Security has been increased at the new headquarters of Dale Earnhardt Inc. in Mooresville after someone shot through an upper-floor window with a high-powered rifle.

The shot, apparently fired during the early morning hours this month, went through the window pane, hit the blind hanging inside the window and then fell to the floor inside. The bullet was recovered and has been turned over to police investigators.

"We have taken some measures to make sure that if anybody tried this again we would get them," said Don Hawk, president of Dale Earnhardt Inc.  High-definition security cameras have been installed and guards now patrol the property 24 hours.

The shot was fired into the office portion of the DEI complex, which houses the race shops of Winston Cup driver Steve Park and Grand National driver Dale Earnhardt Jr.

"Nobody was in there at the time, but that's a part of the building where Dale and Teresa come in sometimes and bring (daughter) Taylor," Hawk said. "We are taking it seriously."