Earnhardt News
2001 Season

Michael Waltrip knows what his boss expects
By David Poole, The Charlotte Observer

(January 9, 2001)
Michael Waltrip's new boss is Dale Earnhardt, the owner of the No. 15 Chevrolets that Waltrip will drive in Winston Cup this season.

Waltrip and Earnhardt have been friends for a long time, so Waltrip knew what he was getting into.

"He's really funny," Waltrip said. "I wish everybody knew Dale Earnhardt like I know him. He's is so entertaining and so intense and so into what he's doing."

Waltrip said that one day after he'd signed to drive for DEI, Earnhardt told him he'd better start working out so he'd be in shape for next year.

"I said, 'I do work out. Didn't you read in the paper somewhere that I ran a marathon?'" Waltrip said.

"He said, 'Yeah, but, I'll bet you couldn't shimmy up a tree like me. No foot pegs, just straight up the tree.'

"I said, 'Well, you might have me there. But I will tell you what we'll do, we'll pick us a tree about 3 miles from here and run to it and see who gets up it first.'

"He said, 'You'd still be standing at the bottom of it trying to figure out a way up when I got there.' That's how competitive he is and it's really cool to see someone that into what he's doing."



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