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2001 Season

Rusty Wallace remembering Dale

DARLINGTON, S.C. (March 15, 2001)
Rusty Wallace recalled earlier this week the raucous sense of humor of the late Dale Earnhardt.

"I’ll tell you a damn good story," Wallace said. "Front straightaway, Southern 500, 105 degrees and it’s sticky as hell, little black bugs are everywhere, and I’m going for the championship.

"I go out to get in my car and qualified third or something like that, and Earnhardt’s behind me. I see his pit crew all hovered around his car, and they’re all looking at me and I’m going, ‘Man, I’m getting some respect, you know?’

"I stick my head in my car and it stunk so bad you couldn’t believe it. Long story short, that damned Earnhardt went over to my seat cushion and put a whole damn can of sardines in my seat.

"I’m out there digging sardines out, and that car stunk all day. He said, ‘You remembered me all day long, didn’t you?’ "

Wallace got his revenge, however.

"The next weekend we went to Bristol, and it’s the same thing again. He’s right behind me. We got ready to start the race, and he turned his head and I stole his steering wheel. I put it in my car.

"I looked in the rear view mirror and he’s going (crazy) back there, trying to find his steering wheel. I took it right to the living end. They’re firing the motors up and getting ready to pull away, and I took the steering wheel out and held it outside my window. Man, he was (ticked off), but it was funny."



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