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Sponsors play an essential role in NASCAR. Without their millions of dollars in annual support, a team cannot possibly stay abreast with the technology that is needed to be competitive in NASCAR racing today. In addition to providing financial support, sponsors also help fans to identify the drivers. Fans can easily recognize a driver by the colors and logos of the sponsors on his car.

Nearly every racing fan can recognize the black and white colors of Dale Earnhardt's No. 3 GM Goodwrench Service Chevrolet. Below is a brief history of the sponsors on the No. 3 car.


GM Goodwrench Service PlusGM Goodwrench Service Plus
After winning the 1986 championship, Richard Childress signed an associate sponsorship agreement with GM Goodwrench, the parts and service division of General Motors. After Dale won the championship again in 1987, Wrangler left the sport as a sponsor. GM Goodwrench immediately took advantage of Wrangler's departure, moving themselves up from an associate sponsor to the primary sponsor on the Childress Chevrolet. GM Goodwrench's decision paid huge dividends!  The company has seen their mobile billboard go to victory lane 46 times, and ride to 4 Winston Cup championships!  Since moving up in 1988, GM Goodwrench has stayed as the primary sponsor on the car.  Few sponsors have ever stayed with the same team for so long.


Coca-Cola became the official soft drink of NASCAR late in the 1997 season. In 1998, Coca-Cola became an associate sponsor on many NASCAR teams, including Earnhardt's. Coca-Cola was immediately rewarded for sponsoring Earnhardt when he won the season-opening 1998 Daytona 500. In victory lane, Dale held his arms high in the air, one hand clinched in a fist of triumph, the other hand holding an ice-cold Coca-Cola. Their logo can be found next to both side windows on the car.


ACDelco was formed in 1974, when United Delco and AC Spark Plugs combined.   The ACDelco logo can be found next to the side windows on both sides of the car.


Burger KingBurger King
In 1996, Burger King sponsored Joe Nemechek's No. 87 Chevrolet. But Nemechek was forced to sell his team, and Burger King left to partner with Earnhardt, taking the place on the car previously held by Mom 'n' Pop's Restaurant. The Burger King logo can be found on both rear quarter panels of Dale's car.


Snap-on ToolsSnap-on Tools
Snap-on Tools replaced MAC Tools in 1994 as an associate sponsor. Their logo is next to both rear tires.



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