Al's "Earnhardt Room"

My Earnhardt room started back in Feb of 1988 when I went to my first Daytona 500, I bought a 1:24 DE car, and before I knew it, we made one of the bedrooms into a Earnhardt Room. I drive a Black Z34 with a license tag of ERNART-3, fly the Earnhardt flag, (with a Goodwrench 1:24 #3 on top of flagpole, I also have a tattoo of a black 3 between crossed checkered flags, which is over a red bowtie, with the years he won the championship, (with room for one more year), which is over Dale's signature. I have 37 8x10 pictures of him which he autographed upon request via mail. Five years ago, it took about 3 weeks to get autograph back, not unfortunately due to all his fans requesting autographs, it takes over a year. But then who cares, I am retired, and have all the time in the world. My wife keeps telling me, "you bring one more Earnhardt collectible home, and you are history", after 41 years of marriage, boy I"m sure going to miss her.

Al Dressler

Harrisburg Pa



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