Jr and Steve at the 2000 Pennzoil Expo

Dear DEI,

I'm writing this e-mail, and including photos, to allow others to share in my experience at the 2000 Pennzoil Expo in Fort Washington, Pa. Although us fans we treated poorly (like caged animals), getting a glimpse of that scrawny thing you all call "little e", was worth standing in line for over seven hours...not being to move, or get anything to eat or drink, because they had us fenced up against a wall. The elderly man behind me actually collapsed, and the Expo workers sat on their butts, while we screamed for help. My friend Danielle, who has a pin in her knee and couldn't stand in line with me, because people wouldn't let her through, ended up getting trampled when people pushed forward upon Jr. and Steve's arrival.

Even though I was tired, and felt mistreated by the Expo workers, Little e made up for it by signing both my superman car, and a hat that I had with me that Steve and Tommy Baldwin Jr. He didn't have to, and wasn't suppose to, but it made my day seem a lot less horrible. THANKS :) Unfortunately, my friend and I fought all the way home, cause I got close to the guys and she didn't.

Anyway....here's some of the pictures that my friend took as I was going through the line, there's more on my web page. And tell Steve and that scrawny thing named Jr, that I'll see them in October...if not sooner.



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