Meeting Dale at his House

Hi, Dale Earnhardt fans!

I just thought I would share our experience meeting Dale at his home back in 1988. We left for Bristol early that year so we could stop at some race shops. After visiting several shops, we stopped at Buddy Baker's shop (The Red Baron Pizza car No. 88). I think it was our lucky day, as we were looking around the shop, guess who walked in, Buddy Baker himself. After talking and getting some autographs I asked Buddy "I heard that Dale Earnhardt lives around here?" He smiled and said, "Yep, just right down that road." So being a little curious we thought we would take a ride back there. When we got there we didn't know which house was Dale's. So we spotted a mailman and asked him if he knew which house was Dale's. He said pointing over his shoulder, "It's that one right there." He was putting mail in Dale's mail box!! After taking a couple of pictures we turned around and left. On the way out we passed a pickup truck. I said to my wife "That was Earnhardt in that truck." She said, "Turn this thing around." So we went back to his house. When we got there we didn't see the truck or Dale. So I thought I was just seeing things. Anyway you had to go down the road and turn around and go back by the house. And there he was walking beside his house. So we stopped and asked him if we could get some autographs and pictures. He said "Come on down." After talking and getting autographs he said he had to go get a shower and catch a helicopter to the airport to get to Bristol. I said good luck in the race Saturday night. He said "I'm fixin' to win that race," and he did. That just made our day (especially my wife). I think that was real nice of him to take time out for us. He can't even be at his house without someone bothering him. We met him several other times and asked him if he remembered us and he did. Dale, if you would happen to read this, you made four people that day real happy. Thanks a lot.


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