Dave with Earnhardt's Monte Carlo

Hey all you Dale fans out there, just wanted to say that, Dale is gonna win his 8th title this comming year. There's no doubt about it!!.....The Man in Black is Back....BIG TIME!! Although he'll be driving a Red #3 (in Daytona) at the opening of the 2000 season.....watch out, cause he's gonna show Dale Jr. what mark he'll have to shoot for!! The Man showed us all in 99' that never ever count him out....he doesn't race to finsh 3rd or 4th...He races to win! Always!

The first 2 pictures are from a hot rod car show, put on at the GM tech.center(in Warren, Mich.) in June or July of 1999. The sign reads....from starting line to finsh line teamwork wins with UAW & GM. Thats me in the car!! they cut a door opening in it, so fans could get in a get some cool pictures. They also would start it up, and rev up the engine every so often.....it was to cool! The last picture is just the black #3 car doin' some testing...thought it was a cool picture to share....I have it as my wallpaper for my computer!!

Dave L


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