Mountain Wedding

Dear Dale:

Just wanted to write you and tell you that my husband and I were married on September 2, 2000 on a mountain in Clinchport, Virginia and we both were wearing Caps and T-shirts with your name on them....We both are just 2 of your biggest fans. Today, in our local newpaper, our picture appeared and the way the article was written up was that the bride was dressed in "Camoflauge hunting pants, Dale Earnhart shirt and cap.....We wanted to share this with you....I am attaching a picture taken at our wedding. We were married in the back of my husbands '99 Chevy Silverado pickup truck.....The music we played was "Like a Rock."

Congratulations on your win today......We could be heard all over our neighborhood screaming.....haha.....But everyone around here knows what loyal fans we are since a big #3 flag hangs outside over our garage.


Kimberly and Timothy Mann


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