#1 Little, Big Fan

My name is Trina Hart. My Grandpa Hart has a Sprint car #39. We go racing all summer. My daddy loves you. In his living room he has you all over. Even a big poster above his TV. I live in Coldwater, MI. We are always racing when you come to Detroit so we can't ever see you. My daddy said he seen you one time, but couldn't say anything by HI. Isn't that funny..

I am 7 years old. I do good in school. I am also waiting to hear about your surgery. I hope you are o.k. and can race this year. I won't watch if you are not racing because I don't watch any body else. I hope you had a good holiday. My Grandpa Hart made me a go-cart and I raced it in the snow the other day. Scared my mom. Bye.

Your Fan
Katrina Hart


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