They shouldn't have lost anymore than a lap

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Posted by SundayMoney on April 14, 2013 at 07:01:44:

I can't believe what happened last night. When all the gauges go out everyone on that team should know to just turn the battery switch. The driver turns on pitroad (he should have known, try the switch first)and the crew chief never asks him if he tried switching to the other battery FIRST. So they manually switch the battery, which wasn't necessary costing them 3 laps, instead of one at worst!

They get a penalty for speeding and the crew chief decides to take on 4 tires during the penalty drive through which you can't do, so they get another penalty. Good grief this is racing 101! Mistakes by the whole bunch. Were they all hopped up on AMP? No excuse for that nonsense. Had a top 5 car and finished behind Danica for the 2nd week in a row...what a joke. You can't win Championships when everyone makes bonehead mistakes and nobody on the team stopped the mistakes from occurring.

Good thing I shut it off once he went 3 laps down...unbelievable. I'd get the fitness trainer out there Monday morning and make them all do wind sprints until they vomit. heh...

Have a great day everyone.

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