France's Take On Hamlin's Fine

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Posted by islandman on May 25, 2013 at 18:30:34:

Hamlin, who is on the pole for Sunday night's race, was fined $25,000 days later, as NASCAR said his comments denigrated the racing product. Did NASCAR learn anything from the reaction -- reaction mostly against it? No, says France.

"We didn't learn anything," France said. Our policy is our policy. You can say rowdy things. You can say things that we don't like at all. You can criticize us, and it happens quite a bit. As I've said, that policy goes further than any other sport, major sport, in this country. What you can't do is you can't cross a line into the product, in any way talking about our racing product. We're very clear."

He continued: "Let me tell you, I can't tell you how many drivers came up to me after the Denny Hamlin comment and said, You got to do that or we won't be able to help ourselves from time to time, I'm glad you did that. They all know the line. They all know exactly where it is, because we talk about it. I talk about it directly with every one of the drivers, every one of the owners. No disputing that."
Along with the comments on the fining of Hamlin France unveiled the new pace car for Spring Cup Racing.

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