Re: See how top 10s wont cut it in the Chase?

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Posted by SundayMoney on September 23, 2013 at 14:16:46:

In Reply to: See how top 10s wont cut it in the Chase? posted by 3and8fan4ever on September 23, 2013 at 13:49:23:

I saw a top 3 car yesterday but when you have pit stops where you don't tighten lugnuts all the way and have to come back in relegating yourself to 30th when you were in the top 5, doesn't give your team a great chance to win.

He drove his ass off yesterday, but the whole team makes too many mistakes. First the car wasn't dialed in off the truck for qualifying. No excuse for that when you test. He didn't qualify well as a result which means he spends too much time getting to the front. Also, the pit stall is not as good meaning you have a less chance of gaining spots on pit stops.

With the rules as tight as they are now, you can't have any mistakes by anyone. He's not going to win the Chase this year. Once he had the 36th place finish those chances were done. I agree he should be doing nothing but going for a win every week. Who cares if he finishes 3rd or 10th in the points. If it isn't first I won't remember. Hell I don't even remember who wins it these days and certainly don't watch the ceremony, I haven't done that in years.

The Chase is down to 3 cars right now, that could change after Talladega, but if all 3 cars make it then it's just a 3 car race.

Just go for wins...I think he already should have won 2-3 races this year. They've been good enough, just cannot have mistakes or bad luck. He had the race winning car for both Michigan races...didn't finish either one.

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