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Posted by SundayMoney on February 21, 2014 at 08:42:54:

In Reply to: "The legacy continues" posted by 3and8fan4ever on February 21, 2014 at 08:01:25:

Yeah Junior flat out dumped him...looks like he has a strong piece. Considering I believe he babied that left front by not making any aggressive moves he still had a shot at the win at the end. I think if he'd had better tires he would have finished in the top 2-3 and possibly won. I think he was real conservative. He could afford to blow a tire and ruin the car.

As far as Dillon, I don't have anything against the kid. He might be a pretty good guy. I have no knowledge, I don't know him and I can understand why he wants to run that number. It's his grandfathers number, so i get it. Plus Dale was a person he looked up to, he grew up around him. Remember his father tested for Dale all the time. I get it. The only issue I have is the way Richard handled it. He said there would never be another black # 3 in Cup. He should have never said that. The two colors Dale made famous witht eh # 3 are a yellow car with wrangler and a black car. Those are the colors Dillon is using and it's not coincidence. At this point it's over and done with and I don't wish that team and organization ill will. They all loved Dale like family. I only wish Richard would not have said never...also would have been nice if before he chose to do this he took 15 min of his time to go see Junior and Kelly in person, Martha and even Teresa. He then would have had everyone on board. It's his team he can do what he wants but it probably would have been easier for everyone if done that way...

Dale was more than a number anyway...have a good weekend. Been nice to be in the 70's the past few days after that snow and ice crap.

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