Earnhardt History
Earnhardt's First Race Car
1956 Ford Victoria

It's hard to believe that the Intimidators' first car was pink. It was 1970 and Dale was only 19 years old. Dale's neighbors, Ray and David Oliver, let him have their 1956 Ford. Dale's father, Ralph, was a racer and master mechanic. Ralph built the engine and family friends, Wayne and Frank Dayvault and their cousin Gregg helped tune it. When it came time to paint the car, they mixed paint that they thought would go with the purple metal-flake roof, but some how the paint came out pink. They couldn't afford to re-paint the car, so Wayne went ahead and painted DAYVAULT'S TUNE-UPS & BRAKE SER. on the side, and Dale raced the pink car on dirt tracks around Charlotte.


1956 Ford Victoria
Raced at the Old Concord Motor Speedway in Concord, NC
Engine built by Ralph Earnhardt


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