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1999 News Archive

News relating to Dale Earnhardt is posted here.

12/21/99 - Earnhardt's surgery should have him back on fast track - Almost everybody in NASCAR knows Dale Earnhardt is a constant pain in the backside. Almost nobody knew what back pain the veteran driver was going through during the 1999 season.
12/17/99 - Earnhardt's back surgery a sucess - Dale Earnhardt underwent surgery this morning to repair a ruptured disc in his spinal column.
12/16/99 - Gordon nips Earnhardt as 'Driver of the Decade' - Jeff Gordon (driver of the No. 24 car) was the readers' choice as Driver of the 1990s, with Earnhardt a single vote back.
12/16/99 - The Intimidator's ready for a title run - Three victories in 1999, a maturing relationship with his crew chief and some setup changes have Earnhardt believing he has at least one more championship run in him.
12/6/99 - Earnhardt adjusts well to 'shift of power' - From 1990 to '94, Earnhardt took his position at the champion's table an incredible four times. Since winning his record-tying seventh title in 1994, the 48-year-old driver has seen three other drivers sit at the head table during the NASCAR Winston Cup Awards Banquet.
11/16/99 - Chevy camp working on 2000 - Chevrolet crews were up at dawn Monday to test the new Monte Carlo they hope will be their ticket back to fame and fortune next season.
11/9/99 - *DEI unveils impressive complex to the masses - Tuesday the doors of Dale Earnhardt Inc. -- a monstrous 110,000-square-foot monument to excellence -- opened officially to the public.
11/7/99 - Chevy teams disgusted with results - Four Pontiacs and four Fords finished in the top eight, touching off a concerto of complaints from the Chevy camp.
10/22/99 - Earnhardt aims for wins, top-5 in points - The Rock has been rough on the seven-time NASCAR Winston Cup Series champion.
10/21/99 - The laws of the (pit) road - When Dale pulls his GM Goodwrench Chevy into the pit stall, it's gas man Danny "Chocolate" Myers time to shine. Danny discusses a few rules of pit road.
10/19/99 - 2000 Monte Carlo gets Talladega shakedown - Chevrolet's new version of the Monte Carlo in the hands of Jeff Gordon, Terry Labonte and Dale Earnhardt, got its first long track shakedown Monday at Talladega Superspeedway.
10/19/99 - Earnhardt 'likes the look' of 2000 Monte Carlo - Dale Earnhardt might not be too crazy about the appearance of the 2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo race car, but he likes the look of the piece when he considers its competitive potential.
10/17/99 - Gordon still awed by Earnhardt - Gordon says he still takes lessons from Dale Earnhardt, the one driver who makes winning on the Winston Cup series' fastest tracks look easy.
10/4/99 - Earnhardt on second-half rampage - If the two wins this year and the consistent front-running weren't proof enough, there's now one more piece of evidence that Dale Earnhardt is back. He's intimidating people once again.
9/10/99 - Earnhardt's resurgence gives owner renewed confidence - Despite a bad day last Sunday in Darlington, S.C., Dale Earnhardt's resurgence has a lot of NASCAR people buzzing.
9/8/99 - Hindsight 20/20 for Earnhardt - The last time Dale Earnhardt missed a race, Richard Petty was on his way to his seventh NASCAR Winston Cup Series championship.
9/2/99 - A Tiring Problem for Earnhardt? - Did radial-ply tires - and not business distractions, advancing age or lack of competitive fire - dimmed the luster of Winston Cup star Dale Earnhardt?
9/2/99 - Fans misguided in booing of Earnhardt - Was Earnhardt not supposed to try to pass Labonte back in Bristol? If he had not, then Dale Earnhardt should have been booed.
9/2/99 - Irate feelings still linger over Earnhardt's Bristol bumping - Five days later, and racing fans are still talking about Dale Earnhardt's bullying, out-of-my-way, bump-and-win maneuver at Bristol Motor Speedway.
9/1/99 - Earnhardt putting together solid season - Earnhardt has eight top-10 finishes in his past nine starts and will go to Darlington with the same car he used to win with at Bristol.
8/31/99 - "Old School" In A Kinder, Gentler "New School" World - So Dale turned Labonte. Earnhardt ain't an accountant out there -- he's paid to win and live with the consequences. According to Jimmy Spencer, the Ironman met the Ironhead on the last lap at Bristol.
8/31/99 - Dale Earnhardt's Greatest Hits - Earnhardt all but has a trademark on the move he made on Labonte at Bristol. During the 80s other Winston Cup drivers even referred to shoving a competitor out of the way as "Earnhardting him.
8/31/99 - Road Test: Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS - Meet the street version of Chevrolet's redesigned 2000 Monte Carlo. "It's just like Earnhardt's, if ol' Ironhead raced a V-6 front-driver."
8/30/99 - Cup drivers test new Monte Carlo at Gateway - Opinions were divided over the 2000 Monte Carlo among the nine Winston Cup drivers who began two days of shakedown test runs for the new car at Gateway.
8/29/99 - Earnhardt gets an unpopular victory - In recent years, Dale Earnhardt has left some Winston Cup fans wondering if he has lost his competitive edge. On Saturday night, many of them questioned whether he had too much.
8/29/99 - Helton explains NASCAR's non-ruling - As far as NASCAR is concerned, Saturday's night's victory by Dale Earnhardt will stand as is.
8/29/99 - The Winds of Bristol - Bristol is the true race fan's track. It's exciting, edge of your seat, full contact NASCAR. Every race is filled with excitement and, more often than not, controversy. This one was definitely no exception.
8/28/99 - Same scene, different results at Bristol - Terry Labonte knows in order to get to Victory Lane, one needs to be heading in the right direction.
8/28/99 - Stewart learns touch lessons from Earnhardt - Over the closing 100 laps at Bristol, Stewart was faced with one of the toughest tasks in all of racing: getting around Dale Earnhardt when the Intimidator smells a win.
8/28/99 - Earnhardt, Childress near 4-year extension - Although Dale Earnhardt is 48 and has struggled in recent years to reach Victory Circle, the longtime Winston Cup star has no intention of retiring any time soon.
8/23/99 - Moustache or not, it's the same old Dale - Since shaving his trademark moustache a few weeks back, Dale Earnhardt doesn't look quite right away from the racetrack. His appearance on it, however, hasn't changed a bit.
8/22/99 - Dale's aggressive style yields exciting finish - The jam-packed grandstands rumbled and shook with more than 100,000 strong pumping the fist of victory at ol' 3 Black as he thundered into the lead with under 50 laps to go.
8/22/99 - Earnhardt finding groove again - While Dale Earnhardt was leading late in the Pepsi 400, his team owner, Richard Childress, couldn't help but think he would be making a trip to Victory Lane.
8/16/99 - Don't tell Dale Earnhardt that he's too old to race - It's the age-old, old-age question: How old is too old? Not 48. Not if you're a stock-car driver. Not if you're Dale Earnhardt.
8/16/99 - WGI a mixed bag for Childress teams - For one Richard Childress Racing driver, Sunday's Frontier @ The Glen was another step in the right direction. For the other, it was a step he would like to have back.
8/12/99 - Hamlin has calming influence - If NASCAR had an award for most laid-back crew chief, Kevin Hamlin would win it hands down.
8/11/99 - Rebel With A cause / Hard-living Myers wants others to avoid his mistakes - For years, Danny "Chocolate" Myers lived the fast life. Now, with gray sprouting in his hair and crinkles in the corners of his eyes, Myers laughs about those days. He was a different man then.
8/10/99 - Earnhardt completing own World 600 - The last time Dale Earnhardt failed to crank the engine of his No. 3 racecar in a sanctioned NASCAR Winston Cup Series event, he'd won just once and his now famous namesake was in diapers.
8/5/99 - Earnhardt not ready to follow Waltrip into retirement - In a way, Dale Earnhardt already has started his farewell tour. Unlike Darrell Waltrip, he's not sure when it will end.
8/5/99 - Earnhardt on cusp of unique IROC feat - Should Earnhardt win Friday's IROC race, he would become the first driver in the 23-year history of the series to sweep all four races in the same season.
8/4/99 - Clean-shaven Earnhardt readies for IROC, Brickyard - Earnhardt showed up at Indy on Wednesday with a new look, a clean-shaven upper lip. His trademark mustache was gone, a sacrifice to his determination not to be beaten -- at anything.
8/3/99 - Earnhardt chases second Brickyard trophy - Dale Earnhardt and his GM Goodwrench Service Plus Chevrolet team have posted their best string of starts and finishes of the 1999 season recently.
7/31/99 - Earnhardt to sport new look at Indy - The hood of the No. 3 Chevrolet will be a replica of the GM Goodwrench Service Plus sign that appears as it does at the local dealerships across the United States, beginning at Indy.
7/23/99 - Chocolate's Sundays - Hoisting a 90-pound gasoline tank over a knee-high wall is probably the best-known part of Danny "Chocolate" Myers' job: keeping NASCAR star Dale Earnhardt's No. 3 car ahead of the other guys.
7/22/99 - Senior showing he still has it - A second-place finish in the Daytona 500 was a great way to start the season, but since then Earnhardt's lack of consistency has bothered him.
7/3/99 - Jarrett thwarts Earnhardt at Daytona... again - It's scary to think how much success Dale Earnhardt would have had at Daytona International Speedway if not for a guy named Dale Jarrett.
6/17/99 - Earnhardt poised for win, record in Pepsi 400 - When Earnhardt returns to Daytona next month he will be poised to win, and break a long-held record by Cale Yarborough as the all-time Pepsi 400 lap leader.
6/11/99 - Earnhardt one win away from first-ever IROC sweep - Earnhardt won his third straight IROC Race of Champions on Friday, bumping and grinding his way his way through the final turn to win by just .007 seconds over Earnhardt, Jr. at Michigan Speedway.
6/11/99 - Remington joins Earnhardt family - Dale Earnhardt and Dale Earnhardt Jr. have hunted together many times in their lives, and Friday their hunt for more financial backing came to fruition, as Remington Arms announced a six-year deal with DEI.
6/10/99 - Hamlin-Earnhardt Union celebrating first year - One year ago, NASCAR Winston Cup Series crew chief Kevin Hamlin was a virtual unknown, directing a stagnant second-year team and it's underrated and unlucky driver. Then came the switch.
6/7/99 - Chevy teams steam ahead with 2000 Monte Carlo - In the midst of what has become a grinding 1999 points race, teams are redoubling their efforts to construct new race cars, while keeping pace with the competition for the upcoming events.
6/7/99 - A healthy Earnhardt looks to regain form - He’s Dale Earnhardt and he still commands respect. He still believes he can be competitive every Sunday. And more than ever, he still knows how to win.
6/4/99 - Earnhardt-Childress deal forthcoming - Dale Earnhardt and Richard Childress appear to be close to agreement on a new contract that would keep them together through 2003.
6/4/99 - Dale Earnhardt, Inc. opens showroom and retail store - Dale Earnhardt Inc. announced the opening of its spacious 8,700 square foot Showroom and Retail Store to the public today.
5/28/99 - Earnhardt Enterprises appear to be on roll - Things are starting to look up at the biggest race shop in North Carolina. Dale Earnhardt Inc. seems poised to turn its disappointing season around.
5/25/99 - Son's rise surprises Earnhardt - Earnhardt says it's unbelievable the way your kids grow up and the way things change over the years.
5/21/99 - Earnhardt, 48, says retirement not a consideration - Dale Earnhardt doesn't want anyone to think he's pondering retirement just because his contract to drive for Richard Childress expires after next season.
5/13/99 - New Monte Carlo to pace field at Charlotte - Richard Childress will mark his 30th year in racing by driving the new 2000 Monte Carlo pace car in Charlotte.
5/10/99 - Earnhardt looking to keep momentum - Dale Earnhardt hopes to keep the momentum on his side when the Series returns to action in the Pontiac Excitement 400 at Richmond.
5/7/99 - Earnhardt Jr. still earning Dad's trust - Friday at New Hampshire, Earnhardt Jr. relied on hard work and gumption to qualify 5th. His dad probably still won't easily let him borrow a boat, though.
4/29/99 - Earnhardt, Hamlin combination continues to gel - After Hamlin and Earnhardt's initial victory together last Sunday in the DieHard 500, Hamlin may have a lot to say about whether Earnhardt can contend for his eighth NWC championship this season.
4/29/99 - Victory lifts Earnhardt, his fans - Dale Earnhardt's team and fans were buoyed by their driver's victory at Talladega, but it's premature to say the seven-time champion is on his way back as a contender.
4/29/99 - Hamlin adjusts to Earnhardt's style - Kevin Hamlin's first career win as a crew chief in the DieHard 500 is proof that there is more than one way to run a Winston Cup race shop.
4/26/99 - Is Dale past his prime? True believers say, 'No way' - Dale's Saturday news conference was more than just that. It was a revival meeting.
4/26/99 - Earnhardt eyes another championship - Some people were ready to write off Dale Earnhardt. His team, fans and fellow drivers were not among them.
4/25/99 - New Monte Carlo ready for wind-tunnel testing - The chief NASCAR aerodynamics expert for GM says that Tuesday's wind-tunnel test of Chevrolet's new 2000 Monte Carlo could be critical.
4/25/99 - Earnhardt serves up plateful of victory - Earnhardt, whose recent struggles have caused some fans to question whether he could still be a factor, won Sunday's DieHard 500 at Talladega.
4/24/99 - Earnhardt "wrangles" new Winston paint scheme - Earnhardt won't be 'The Man in Black' on in the Winston Select. Instead, his car will feature the nostalgic blue and yellow colors with Wrangler Jeans on the hood.
4/24/99 - Earnhardt leads one lap, wins IROC race - Dale Earnhardt picked up his second IROC win of the season by outfoxing Rusty Wallace on Saturday at Talladega.
4/10/99 - Chevy makes it official: No new Monte Carlo in 1999 - Chevrolet finally made official Saturday what has been no secret for several weeks now - the new Monte Carlo won't be racing in 1999.
3/25/99 - Earnhardt hopes to avoid Texas trouble - Dale Earnhardt hopes to turn his luck around this weekend at Texas Motor Speedway.
3/18/99 - Earnhardt and Darlington made for each other - Romeo and Juliet? Nah. Bonnie and Clyde? Closer. Dale Earnhardt and Darlington? Perfect fit.
3/2/99 - Earnhardt headed to Vegas with redemption on mind - Despite a 41st-place finish in Rockingham, Earnhardt hasn't lost sight of his goal for an eighth title this season.
2/25/99 - Earnhardt expects to contend again - Richard Childress sees an air of confidence he hasn't seen from Earnhardt in a while.
2/22/99 - Daytona fortunes reversed at Rockingham - On Sunday at Rockingham, the two Daytona stars, Gordon and Earnhardt, were nowhere to be found at the drop of the checkered flag.
2/18/99 - Earnhardt aims to get back to victory lane - Dale feels he has a good chance of finding victory lane on Sunday in Rockingham.
(insert Daytona news)
2/12/99 - Earnhardt wins IROC at Daytona - Dale made one of his famous moves, pulling outside of race leader Mark Martin out of the final turn to win the opening round of IROC.
2/11/99 - Earnhardt, Labonte cruise to qualifying victories at Daytona - Dale Earnhardt kept his streak alive Thursday by winning a Twin 125 for the 10th consecutive year.
2/11/99 - Earnhardt, Labonte cruise to qualifying victories at Daytona - Dale Earnhardt kept his streak alive Thursday by winning a Twin 125 for the 10th consecutive year.
dot.gif (845 bytes) 2/10/99 - Monte Carlo aimed to debut at Brickyard - Chevrolet still hopes to debut the 1999 Monte Carlo during this season.
dot.gif (845 bytes) 2/6/99 - Elway's victory inspires Earnhardt - John Elway's second straight Super Bowl win gave Dale a little jolt of confidence as he began preparations to defend his Daytona 500 victory.
1/27/99 - Earnhardts, Burton fill out IROC field -
dot.gif (845 bytes) 1/22/99 - Earnhardt enjoys Daytona 500 champ role -
dot.gif (845 bytes) 1/22/99 - Another Earnhardt follows in footsteps -
dot.gif (845 bytes) 1/19/99 - Earnhardt seeking a sweet repeat - Earnhardt won his first Daytona 500 in 1998, and he wants to make sure it won't be his last.
dot.gif (845 bytes) 1/17/99 - 1999 could prove a model season for Chevrolet drivers -
dot.gif (845 bytes) 1/14/98 - Earnhardt among top 75 Wheaties champs -
dot.gif (845 bytes) 1/12/98 - 2000 Monte Carlo readies for competition -
dot.gif (845 bytes) 1/6/99 - Childress brings both teams to Daytona test - Richard Childress took both of his teams to testing in preparation for the 1999 Daytona 500.


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