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Remembering Dale Earnhardt
10/23 - DW Mailbag - Darrell Waltrip answers questions from the fans, including this question: "I'd read that you and Dale Sr. did not get along early in his career, but later you became good friends. Was there an incident that occurred that changed your mind and allowed you to be his friend?"
10/22 - North Carolina renames highway after Earnhardt
10/14 - Hometown honors Earnhardt with statue
10/14 - Kannapolis unveils Earnhardt statue: Photo Slide Show
10/14 - Dale Earnhardt Tribute: A Legend Unveiled At Last
10/1 - Kannapolis set for Earnhardt tribute
9/30 - Fans keep Dale Earnhardt's memory alive
9/11 - Earnhardt tribute plans postponed
8/30 - Kannapolis, N.C. Earnhardt Tribute
8/23 - Work on Earnhardt memorial begins
8/11 - Dale at the Glen; Earnhardt was his toughest during '96 race at Glen
7/30 - Dale Earnhardt At Indy … In His Words
7/17 - Earnhardt fans now have divided loyalties
7/5 - Dale Earnhardt Boulevard may wrap around city
7/4 - Flashback: Dale Earnhardt reflects on first half of 2000 season
6/29 - Earnhardt's death still being felt within NASCAR
6/13 - Earnhardt and Seven Others Honored at Motorsports Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
5/15 - Ripken on hand to honor Earnhardt
4/29 - Fans jam DEI for Earnhardt's birthday
4/26 - Dale Earnhardt Day - Alabama Proclamation
4/21 - ‘Earnhardt Day’ slated in Alabama
3/7 - Flashback: Earnhardt soars to victory in Atlanta! 2000 Race Report.
3/5 - An inch remembered, created legends
2/23 - Commentary: Dirty Dale
2/19 - Commentary: Remembering Dale
2/19 - No. 3: The memory lives on
2/18 - It's been a long journey, but we are family - A fan's story
2/17 - No. 3's No. 1 fans
2/15 - Childress chases title without legend, friend
2/14 - Earnhardt tribute scheduled at DEI
2/12 - No. 3's memory alive at Daytona
2/11 - Helton reflects on the loss of Earnhardt
2/8 - Teresa Earnhardt poignant in statue dedication
2/7 - Earnhardt statue unveiled
1/30 - Earnhardt among most intriguing? Definitely
1/28 - It Takes Three to Replace #3
1/27 - The look of a Champion
1/26 - Commentary: 3 Forever
1/25 - Commentary: Elvis, Earnhardt and Me
1/24 - New pedestrian overpass named to honor the late Dale Earnhardt
1/23 - Daytona erects Earnhardt memorial
1/20 - Commentary: Feb 18, 2001: The day race fans will remember
1/8 - Earnhardt memorial fund growing in hometown

DEI / RCR News
10/10 - Childress announces Busch lineup for 2003
10/10 - Chevrolet, RCR unveil new Monte Carlo
10/2 - Another Earnhardt moving to put career in higher gear
9/22 - It's not easy rollin' with Junior
9/22 - Kerry Earnhardt makes a loud statement
9/12 - Earnhardt III
8/22 - Earnhardt's eldest starting to make his name
8/12 - Kerry Earnhardt has fire -- but not the fame -- of his father
8/3 - Park bounces back from wreck with strong Brickyard qualifying run
7/30 - Childress keeps his house in order
7/28 - Park uninjured in spectacular wreck
7/24 - Looking back, Park sets sights on future
7/8 - Waltrip takes victory in stride
7/6 - Earnhardt's teams in turmoil year after death
7/5 - Park tiring of job insecurity
7/3 - Gruff and ready: Gas man 'Chocolate' Myers is NASCAR's most well-known pit crew member
7/2 - Insider's View: Kevin Harvick
6/30 - Family tradition drives 'other son' forward
6/30 - Working the field (Dale Jr. related)
6/13 - Seat time has been key for Kerry Earnhardt
5/29 - RCR switches Harvick, Gordon crews
5/28 - Despite struggles, Harvick remains optimistic
5/23 - Childress team adjusts to life without a legend
5/27 - Robby Gordon goes the distance for 'The Double'
5/27 - Gordon finishes twinbill with stomach, leg cramps
5/25 - RCR's R. Gordon gears up to haul it all day
5/23 - Childress refutes rumors, vows to rebound
5/22 - RCR to swap crews on #29 and #31 teams
5/8 - Loyalty could bring changes to DEI
5/8 - Kerry Earnhardt learns to tough it out in Busch
5/3 - Norris: Performance must improve at DEI
5/2 - Kerry Earnhardt -- family tradition at Daytona
4/21 - Junior reminding us all of Senior
4/21 - Junior 'The Dominator' at Dega
4/19 - RCR: Dysfunctional Family?
4/19 - Harvick Tells His Story
4/18 - K. Earnhardt to attempt EA Sports 500 in October
4/15 - 3-Wide Racing, Count Dale Jr. In
4/15 - Newsweek: Earnhardt Jr. on driving out of his dad’s shadow
4/15 - NASCAR fines Harvick $35,000, extends probation
4/13 - Kevin Harvick suspended by NASCAR
3/20 - Childress gives insight into qualifying routine
3/8 - Park to return to action in Darlington
3/7 - Harvick made first splash at Atlanta
3/6 - Childress has hands full in 2002
3/5 - Choosing Childress - Joining NASCAR power not easy call for Hamlin
3/5 - An upbeat Steve Park tests at Darlington
3/1 - Childress' 1,000th start
2/23 - Park could return in March
2/21 - Just win, baby: Gordon adjusts to new role
2/13 - Marcis says so long with retirement bash
2/12 - Childress likes spirit in his drivers
2/7 - Driver in a Race With Family's Reputation
1/26 - Kevin Harvick: Into the spotlight
1/24 - Childress has talented -- and hot-headed -- stable of young drivers
1/19 - Park adamant he’ll return
1/16 - Letter from Steve Park
1/15 - Legendary No. 3 Makes Return
1/15 - Busch ride of Earnhardt Jr. tests at Talladega Monday
1/7 - Crew chief: Park still battling vision woes
1/2 - New year brings opportunity of fresh start for Childress

Daytona Aftermath / General NASCAR
7/6 - 'Lil' Dale' carries the mark of a champion
6/3 - Earnhardt items still selling strong
5/22 - Earnhardt team confident of winning appeal
3/28 - Teresa Earnhardt named 'Outstanding Mother'
3/4 - Chevrolet trying to get new nose
3/1 - Earnhardt family joins court case on autopsy law
1/15 - Earnhardt Jr. looking for closure
1/3 - It's not the off-season, this is the ON-season
1/3 - Replacing an Original


Dale Earnhardt Day coverage
April 29th: Dale Earnhardt Day at DEI. RPM2Night will be live from the race shop with Jerry Punch, Kenny Wallace and a host of guests at a special time: 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. ET.
Note: This episode of RPM2Night will re-air on Tuesday at 1 p.m. ET.

Dale Earnhardt won the most at Talladega
4/18/02 - The late Dale Earnhardt leads all drivers with 10 Winston Cup victory at Talladega, including wins in both races in 1990, 1999 and the fall of 2000, the last of his 76 victories.

No other driver has recorded more than four wins at Talladega, with Elliott, current series points leader Sterling Marlin, Terry Labonte, Mark Martin and Jeff Gordon leading active drivers with two apiece.

DEI to host Dale Earnhardt Day
4/18/02 - Dale Earnhardt Inc., 1675 Coddle Creek Highway, will honor and celebrate the life of Dale Earnhardt "Dale Earnhardt Day" on the late NASCAR champion's birthday, April 29.

The day of festivities will become a yearly event and will focus on celebrating the life and accomplishments of the seven-time champion. A special exhibit of Dale Earnhardt memorabilia will be unveiled, highlighting never-before-seen items from both his personal and professional life.

Details: (877) 334-9663.
(The Charlotte Observer)



  2002 News Archive

5/16/02 - Ripken helps team retire No. 3 - Baseball and NASCAR fans cheered together at Wednesday night's Kannapolis Intimidators game as baseball great Cal Ripken Jr. presented Dale Earnhardt's family with retired Intimidators jerseys bearing the number 3.
5/15/02 - Ripken on hand to honor Earnhardt - Wednesday night a capacity crowd of nearly 4,000 flocked to Fieldcrest Cannon Stadium to watch the Kannapolis Intimidators retire the No. 3 made famous by its part owner and seven-time NASCAR Winston Cup champion.
5/14/02 - Ripken honoring Earnhardt at game - One of the greatest names in baseball history is going to help the Kannapolis Intimidators celebrate one of the greatest night's in their history.
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Looking ahead to 2002
Here are some stories to watch as we head into the 2002 season:
Dale Earnhardt Jr. will race in two Busch Series races in a Nabisco sponsored number 3 car.
Kerry Earnhardt will race in the Busch series in a #8 "Supercuts" sponsored car, co-owned by Terry Bradshaw.
In Winston Cup Dale Jr. will attempt to move up to the top-5 in points and possibly contend for the WC title.
Michael Waltrip returns to the seat of the #15 Napa Chevy looking for more consistency and a return to victory lane.
Kenny Wallace will likely start the season in Steve Park's #1 Pennzoil Chevy as Park continues rehabilitation from injuries he suffered in September.
At RCR Enterprises, Richard Childress expands to a three-car operation for 2002. Childress will attempt to guide to success his drivers -- Kevin Harvick, Jeff Green and Robby Gordon -- all three who have only limited Winston Cup experience.
In safety improvements, each car will carry a crash recorder next year and the organization will work to improve track medical facilities. In addition, all pit crew members and NASCAR officials will be required to wear helmets on pit road in 2002.
Daytona Speedweeks Schedule



The spirit of Dale Earnhardt
By John Davis

On February 18th 2001 Dale Earnhardt closed the book on a brilliant racing career that covered nearly three decades. He did not simply quit or even retire. He went out in possibly the only fitting way a legend in his own time should. While holding third position and "running interference" for Michael Waltrip and Dale Jr. who were running 1 and 2 on the last lap of the Daytona 500, the rear end of his GM Goodwrench Chevy fishtailed and he shot up the high banks in the middle of turns 3 and 4 and crashed nearly head on into the wall. As his long time friend and his son crossed the finish line 1 and 2, in the race, Dale crossed the finish line of life and entered into the presence of God.

Of all the many physical things that Dale Earnhardt left behind, most likely the best thing that he left behind was not his wealth or position in life, for these things were not what was important to Dale. The best thing that he left was his sprit. He had passed on to his Wife Teresa and his children his courage, commitment, and competitive fire. Not one time since that day almost 1 year ago has any one of them shown bitterness toward NASCAR or to anyone or anything else. They have stood tall in the face of great personal loss and have had the commitment and courage to move on just as Dale would have wanted them to.

On February 17th 2002, Dale Earnhardt Jr. will do something he has never done in his life. He will start a racing season without his Dad, but he will do it with the same fire and passion that his Dad did,because he has the sprit of Dale Earnhardt not only in him, but riding with him as well, and whether or not Dale Jr. wins or finishes last, I know he will not be alone. There will be a familiar face riding in the seat next to him with a twinkle in his eye and a half cocked grin, and as Dale Jr. crosses the finish line he will know that his Dad was there and is very proud.


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